Generate Random String Number in PHP JavaScript Ruby Python

Generating Random String Using PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python

Sometime in the programming world, you may need to generate a random string for any purpose, just like to random password suggestions, random passwords for your users. Today, In this Article we will study how can we achieve that in the easiest and fastest way. Random password / Random String can be generated with fully-custom functions but when we compare that with custom function those uses pre-defined functions of that language then that will be the best and fastest. As pre-defined function’s definitions are already compiled where the fully-custom functions are not compiled. Compiler/Interpreter will compile the code (fully-custom function) before executing that. And that will take a couple of microseconds to make it executable. But when it comes with …

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Best way to POST Form data, File via jQuery AJAX

In programming, you often required to POST form data via jQuery AJAX. Posting normal data via AJAX is the easiest task. But Posting an image, File through AJAX is quite tricky. Either you need to include plugin/library that does the same job or you need to do RD on this. But in some projects, you do not want to include those plugins/libraries. Here in this article, I will show you how you can POST your form data, image or FILE easily. Make this your habit in programming to call AJAX in this way and you will never face such problems. You will get your all data (normal data, image, FILES) on server side language. HTML File / Form

Javascript …

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