How to Add the New Facebook Page Plugin on any Website

Add Facebook Page Plugin

Facebook is a very powerful social media platform nowadays. Website owners build their website’s page on Facebook and their regular visitors/user shared & subscribed to their Facebook page. Facebook page subscribe count is the trend to flaunt. Highest likes count of any website denotes the love of readers/visitors towards that website. And showing that likes count on your website attracts the new visitors to follow your Facebook page.

You can add Facebook page plugin to your website easily and promote your Facebook page. Open Facebook Page Plugin and scroll slightly down and you will see a form. Please fill the form, as you desire the page look.

Coders Den Facebook Page Plugin

You can change the look of Facebook page plugin with provided settings option After filling the form please click on the Get Code button. After clicking on Get Code button a popup will open. Popup will have 2 code options i.e. JavaScript SDK, IFrame. You can go with any option. Now follow the steps and enjoy the Facebook page plugin.


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