How to Insert Google Ads inside Post Content in WordPress


Google Ads are the best way to monetize your blogging. In some blog websites you might seen that, they has Ads inside their post content. These ads are either after the first or second paragraph in most cases. But you can also add ads after every second or third paragraph. Most beginners are wonder perhaps these websites inserts ads manually while writing the content. In this article, we will show you how to insert google ads inside post content after specific paragraphs.

You can achieve this with the help of WordPress filters.

Insert Google Ads after specific paragraph

Insert Google Ads after every specific (second, third or fourth) paragraph

By tweaking the above code you can change the magic for insertion of google ads. Replace the if ( ($index + 1) == $paragraph_no ) condition with if ( ($index + 1)%$paragraph_no == 0 ) This will add the ads code after every $paragraph_no number.

Cheers!!! In this article we see how we can insert our google ads after specific paragraphs. By this tips & tricks you can enjoy the Google Ads monetization. If you have any doubts or query please feel free to comment below.

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