How to send mail in wordpress?

You can send emails from WordPress function that is:

wp_mail Parameters $to (string|array) (Required) Array or comma-separated list of email addresses to send message. $subject (string) (Required) Email subject $message (string) (Required) Message contents $headers (string|array) (Optional) Additional headers. Default value: ” $attachments (string|array) (Optional) Files to attach. Default value: array()


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php mail

How to send mail in PHP (predefined mail function)

PHP mail() is the built-in PHP function that is used to send emails from directly PHP scripts. Using PHP’s mail() function it’s possible. Remember mail function will not work on the Local server. mail function Syntax:

Sending plain text mail

Sending HTML mail

To send single mail to multiple email address you can either choose CC option or you can add comma separated email address in “To” parameter.

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